Poppy seeds

We supply the poppy seeds (papaver somniferum) to wholesalers and processors on main markets. The quality product with a high level of purity, processed on the top standard machinery is our main aim.

Our country is one of the biggest poppy producers globally. We have appropriate geographical conditions for its planting and harvesting.

Czech poppy tastes good home as well as to people worldwide.

Czech blue poppy seed is the product we may be proud of it. Czech production has to comply with the hardest food regulations and it has been produced in accordance of the EU food principles.  As a bakery food supplement, we only plant the poppy varieties with low morphine content here. It has been one of the key indicators of successful trading opportunities. Our seeds are therefore accepted in the countries with very strict rules for poppy consumption.  Delivering seeds fulfilling our customer´s request has been our essential effort.