Olive Oil – A key for your Mediterranean Diet Menu

Well known for its benefits, essential fatty acids and antioxidants is the basic part of every cuisine in countries we love so much. We trade quality Spanish olive oils, produced from the best and carefully chosen olives. Those we import and distribute to Czech market retailers

We know how the quality tastes like!

We supply quality olive oils of two main categories, pomace oil – refined olive oil, well suitable for cooking and extra virgin olive oils, perfect for cold cuisine.

Spanish market offers wide range of oils made from numerous olive varieties. Except its typical taste and smell it may vary with many different flavours as citrus fruits, berries, almonds or tomatoes.

We have chosen two single variety extra virgins, variety blanqueta under commercial name Blanqueta, coming from small part of Spain in south-east and variety Hojiblanca under the commercial name Ybarra, coming from well-known olive area around Sevilla and Cordoba.

We believe we have chosen well!